22nd April 2024

Bathroom design trends

Keen to transform your bathroom from drab to dream? Here’s our roundup of the most inspiring bathroom design trends.

There was a time when the bathroom was approached as a purely functional part of the home. Over the years, however, our bathrooms have evolved into spaces where we seek relaxation, rejuvenation, and luxury. This year, major trends continue to place considerations such as style, comfort, and functionality at the forefront of bathroom design, and if you make the right choices your bathroom can achieve a perfect balance of all of these elements, creating a place where you can wash away the stresses and strains of the day in peace and tranquillity. In today’s blog post, we’re keen to share our favourite bathroom design trends for 2024, and hopefully inspire you to take the plunge and elevate your bathroom to the heights of spa-like serenity.

Minimalism, or less is more

Minimalism has been a major trend in bathroom design for many years and will continue to be a big player throughout 2024. This trend emphasises clean lines, simple forms, and clutter-free spaces that are easy to clean and keep tidy. To achieve this look, we recommend opting for minimalist vanities with sleek finishes and nifty integrated storage solutions that will help you maintain a sense of spaciousness and serenity in the space by keeping toiletries and products out of sight. Wall-mounted toilets and floating shelves further contribute to the streamlined look, creating an airy, open space that allows the body and mind to switch off after a long day.

Mood lighting

Mood lighting remains a big trend this year, and it’s safe to say that no contemporary bathroom is complete without creative and well-considered lighting. Many of our clients have been keen to incorporate backlit mirrors and under-vanity lighting, and we’ve loved exploring these elements to add a soft, ambient glow that enhances the overall aesthetic and the experience of spending time in the space. With the help of LED technology, you can easily explore customisable lighting options, enabling you to adjust brightness and colour temperature according to your mood and preference. So, whether it’s a warm and inviting glow to set the mood for a relaxing bath, or a bright and energising flood of light to accompany your morning ablutions, mood lighting is a key consideration for a well-designed bathroom.

Embracing curves

LED Vanity, bathroom design trends

In 2024, bathroom design has taken a turn towards the soft and fluid with the rising trend of curved forms. Marking a departure from the sharp lines and angular shapes of traditional design, curved elements are happily making their way into contemporary bathrooms, adding grace, elegance, and softness, and creating the feeling of a spa-like space. From curved vanities and rounded mirrors to freestanding bathtubs with gentle contours, these curved features create a sense of movement and flow, inviting a more relaxed and organic ambience in your bathroom.

Playful pastels

Pastel pink bathroom tiles with white sink and LED mirror

Pastel colours are making a big splash in bathroom design this year, and offer a softer alternative to some of the bolder and more vibrant hues that are also on trend in 2024. Pastel shades such as pale blues, gentle greens, and sugary pinks can create a serene and inviting atmosphere that promotes relaxation, whether used as accent colours or as the main palette. From pastel tiles and wall paint to accessories and textiles, these subtle tones evoke a sense of calm and harmony, and when paired with organic materials and a good dose of natural light, pastels create a light and airy ambience that is just perfect for a bathroom environment.

Earth tones

Dark green tiles on bathroom wall with bath/shower

With the emphasis on ‘back-to-nature’ design continuing into 2024, it’s no surprise that many people are eager to explore an earthy colour palette in their bathroom. Nature-inspired colours and wall treatments such as limewash and plaster are increasingly popular, and many of our clients have been excited about the impact that this type of soft, neutral palette can have on the sense of serenity in their bathrooms. To embrace earth tones in your bathroom design, we recommend keeping it subtle and getting creative with off-whites, pale apricots, soft greys, and forest greens.

Create a ‘spathroom’

Yep, you read that right. Here at Premier Crafts we are all about the ‘spathroom’ trend, which, in case you didn’t guess, is all about merging your bathroom with spa style, and bringing a luxurious and pampering element into your home. To level up your daily ablutions in this way, it’s not just about the larger elements such as calming colour schemes and high quality fixtures, but also about the small details. From scented candles, mood lighting, and stacks of high-quality towels, to smart storage solutions that enable you to keep the clutter firmly out of sight, creating a ‘spathroom’ is all about facilitating a soothing sensory experience that you can come back to time and time again.

Go bold with coloured tiles

Pink tiles and marble bathroom with walk in shower and LED mirror

Bold coloured tiles are an exciting trend in bathroom design this year, and are a great way to inject some vibrancy into your space. Departing from the subdued palettes of the past, many of our clients have been opting for tiles in striking shades like emerald green, sapphire blue, and sun-kissed yellow to create exciting focal points and accent walls in their bathrooms. Whether it’s a sleek subway tile in a daring hue or an intricate mosaic pattern that steals the show, we love seeing homeowners experiment with bold-coloured tiles to add a sense of drama and excitement to their spaces.

Let’s talk texture

Textured grey wall in bathroom

One of the biggest and most interesting design trends that we are seeing so far in 2024 is texture, and we’re so excited to see textured walls gaining more popularity this year in the bathroom. Textured walls ooze architectural elegance, and come in many different guises. Here at Premier Crafts, we’ve enjoyed incorporating this trend into some of our designs with elements such as textured tiles, or through creative uses of materials such as plaster. Whether it’s a feature wall or an all-over approach, introducing texture into the bathroom creates an interesting and characterful design scheme.

Plaster shower walls

If you’ve got your finger hot on the pulse of bathroom design trends, you’ll know that plaster walls are a big deal right now and have quickly become a favourite trend for 2024. Here at Premier Crafts, we particularly love to see this feature introduced in the shower area, replacing the traditional choice of tiles. Incorporated in this way, plaster offers a unique and tactile alternative that lends itself well to both a smooth and polished finish, as well as a more rustic and textured look. Plus, because it’s highly durable and easy to maintain, plaster makes a great choice for wet areas and is far easier to keep clean and pristine than a tiled wall. So, if you’re tired of scrubbing grout, why not consider introducing a plaster wall into your shower area?

Walk-in showers

walk in shower with marble tiles and black finishes

Walk-in showers have been popular bathroom features for many years now, and that’s certainly not set to change in 2024. This year, spacious, frameless showers with sleek glass enclosures are taking centre stage and can bring a truly luxurious, spa-like feel to your bathroom whilst adding to a sense of openness in the space. To add a luxury vibe, you can consider jazzing things up with rainfall showerheads, body jets, and built-in benches, all of which are guaranteed to turn your shower sessions into a daily indulgence.

Freestanding baths

Free standing bath in marble bathroom

There’s nothing like a hot bath after a long day, particularly when temperatures are low outside or when you’re feeling a little under the weather. When it comes to bathroom design, freestanding baths present a timeless choice and have always been touchstones of elegance and sophistication. In 2024, contemporary freestanding baths are available in a variety of shapes and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect centrepiece for your bathroom. From sleek, modern designs to classic cast iron beauties, with a freestanding bath waiting for you at home, you’ll be itching to jump in the tub and treat yourself to a little me-time!

Natural materials

Bringing the outside in is a trend that is growing throughout 2024. As a result, natural materials such as marble, wood, ceramic, and clay are enjoying continued popularity this year. These materials not only add a sense of organic charm to your bathroom, but also evoke feelings of peace, serenity and tranquillity, transforming the space from purely functional to truly beautiful. Whether it’s a rustic wooden vanity, a sleek marble countertop, or a pebble tile shower floor, we love playing around with natural materials in our designs.

Large-format tiles

Large format grey tiles in shower with shower niche

Whilst large-format tiles are most commonly found in commercial settings, they’re becoming increasingly popular for residential projects, and are a hot trend in bathroom design for 2024. This type of tile, usually considered to be anything measuring 800 x 800 mm or above, produces a sleek, uniform finish, with fewer grout lines. If you’re working with a smaller bathroom, large-format tiles can give the impression of a larger and more open space.

Experiment with mixing materials

One of our favourite bathroom trends of 2024, is the mixed materials aesthetic. It is gaining popularity this year and can make for a really interesting space. Offering endless possibilities for creativity and expression, this trend involves combining diverse materials such as wood, metal, stone, and glass to create dynamic and visually compelling spaces. Whether it’s a visually compelling blend of warm wood tones with sleek metallic accents or the creative juxtaposition of rough-hewn stone with smooth porcelain tiles, mixing materials is a fantastic way to add depth and dimension to your bathroom, infusing it with character and personality, and allowing you to play about with a range of different styles.

Quiet luxury

Bathroom design trends of a grey tiled bathroom with vanity, toilet and walk-in shower.

If you’re a fan of the simpler and more understated pleasures in life, then you’ll probably be pleased to know that in-your-face interiors are on their way out in 2024, and are being replaced by a shift towards quiet luxury, particularly in spaces such as the bathroom where there is an added emphasis on the value of both durability and tranquillity. The quiet luxury trend is all about understated elegance, encouraging investment in high-quality, and perhaps handcrafted, fixtures and fittings, that speak for themselves. Think simple, handcrafted cabinets, quality tiling, and top-of-the-range fixtures like stainless steel or brass taps. With the return of this minimalist, timeless trend, loud and flashy styles are taking a back seat, and simple, high-quality bathrooms are back on the radar.

Floating vanities

When it comes to bathroom trends, there’s one in particular that we are really loving here at Premier Crafts, and that’s the floating vanity. In the arena of contemporary design, floating vanities have risen to the fore and are redefining ideas around elegance and sophistication in the bathroom. Unlike traditional vanities that rest on the floor, floating vanities are mounted directly onto the wall, creating a sleek and streamlined appearance that instantly elevates the space and contributes to a sense of openness. The ability of floating vanities to open out the space in this way makes them particularly well-suited for smaller bathrooms where creating a sense of spaciousness and airiness in otherwise cramped quarters is essential.

Colour drenching

Colour drenching (where the same colours are used for all of the major surfaces) is a huge trend in the bathroom design scene this year, and we’re big fans of this style here at Premier Crafts. This approach can be achieved in a number of different ways, and some homeowners choose to not only colour drench but also surface drench, which means using not only the same colours, but also the same materials. Marble works particularly well for this, and can create an incredibly luxurious feeling when used in tandem for the walls and flooring, and perhaps even for the vanity countertop, too. Colour drenching can also be achieved with a combination of different materials, i.e. using tiling and paint together but choosing the same shade of colour for both. If you want to create a bathroom that feels uniquely yours, colour drenching the space with your favourite shade is a fantastic way to achieve a high-impact space that’s infused with personality, whilst retaining a sense of soothing simplicity through the dominance of a single colour.

How can Premier Crafts help?

Here at Premier Crafts, we’re committed to keeping our finger on the pulse of all the major trends in bathroom design. If you’re looking for a bespoke, handcrafted bathroom that blends contemporary trends with timeless design, you’re in the right place. With a team of talented designers and craftspeople leading the way we can help you to realise your dream bathroom, creating a space that will truly stand the test of time and make the most of every inch of your space.

Looking to create your dream bathroom? Get in touch with us today to arrange your free consultation.

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Bathroom design trends

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