08th May 2024

Kitchen splashback ideas for every home

The kitchen is the heart of every home, right? That’s why each individual element of its design is so important, and why we’re here today to offer you our top kitchen splashback ideas. 

Splashbacks are an often-overlooked element of kitchen design, and we’re here to make a case for why that needs to change. Not only do splashbacks protect your walls from, well, splashes and spills, but they also provide an opportunity to create interest in your design, and inject personality and style into your space. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek, modern look, or a cosy farmhouse feel, our designers here at Premier Crafts have put together a rundown of their top kitchen splashback ideas, with something to suit every home.

Keep it understated

Simple kitchen splashback

If you’re a fan of sleek, minimal interiors, or if you simply want alternative elements of your design to be given room to shine, you might like to take more of an understated approach with your choice of splashback.

Going for the understated look means keeping things clean-cut and super simple. We recommend mimicking your walls by choosing panels or tiling that matches their colour, or by simply complementing any wall with sleek white splashback panels. By avoiding patterns and textures, your splashback will hide in plain sight. For an understated look, you’ll probably also want to limit your use of splashbacks to wherever they are needed most, i.e. behind your hob and sink.

Explore accent colours

If you’re working with a neutral palette for your kitchen design, it can be fun to inject a little personality into the space by introducing accent colours, and splashbacks are a great place to do just that.

To introduce subtle accents of colour, we recommend opting for coloured tiles. The colour that you choose is up to you; consider pastels for a softer, feminine feel, or opt for a bold accent colour to keep things lively. To ensure the space feels balanced, limit your accent colour to the splashbacks alone, perhaps with other small glimpses of this colour featured elsewhere in things such as ornaments, or light shades.

A match made in (kitchen) heaven

kitchen splashback ideas, splashback matching worktop

For a super-smart look, try matching your splashback to your work surfaces. This is a very popular approach favoured by many designers and homeowners alike, ensuring a cohesive feel throughout the kitchen. It’s important to bear in mind that this design choice will work best with smooth materials that by their nature work well as both surfaces and splashbacks, such as marble or laminate.

Create an illusion

If you’re working with a small kitchen or just looking to increase natural light, mirrored splashbacks can be a real game-changer. Not only do they create the illusion of more space by reflecting light, but they also add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your kitchen. This sort of splashback will work well in contemporary and eclectic spaces, where they can serve as a statement piece that amplifies your personal style.

Play with patterns

kitchen spalshback ideas - pink pattern

If you want to add a playful, artistic touch to your kitchen, you may wish to explore the possibility of patterned ceramic tiles.

From intricate Moroccan-inspired designs to colourful geometric patterns, there’s a wide range of options to suit every taste, and a professional designer will be able to help you come up with something that suits the space perfectly. We love patterned tiles as they can provide a big injection of personality and character into your kitchen, making them perfect for bohemian or eclectic decor styles. We recommend pairing them with neutral cabinets and countertops to let the tiles take centre stage, and ensure a feeling of balance in your design.

An industrial edge

For a sleek, modern look with an industrial edge, you might like to consider stainless steel for your splashbacks. Not only is this material incredibly durable and easy to clean, but it will also add a touch of professional chef’s kitchen chic to your space. Stainless steel pairs well with minimalist and contemporary decor styles, providing a clean and streamlined backdrop for your culinary endeavours.

The luxury look

Marbled kitchen splashback ideas

Marble splashbacks are the epitome of luxury and sophistication, making them a quintessential choice for high-end kitchens.

Renowned for its timeless beauty and unique veining patterns, marble exudes elegance and refinement, and is sure to add a touch of opulence to any space. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, marble is also highly durable, super easy-to-clean, and heat-resistant, making it not only stylish, but practical, too. Pair it with gleaming stainless steel appliances and sleek cabinetry for a contemporary look, or combine it with traditional elements for a more classic feel. Whatever your design preference, marble splashbacks are sure to infuse your kitchen with sophistication.

Go sleek with glass

Glass kitchen splashback

Glass splashbacks are an incredibly popular choice for modern kitchens, and are favoured by many for their sleek appearance and reflective properties. Glass panels are available in a wide range of colours, and it’s up to you whether you want to keep things minimal or opt for something brighter and more playful. Clear glass panels can create the illusion of a larger kitchen by reflecting light, while coloured glass can be used to tie in with your existing colour scheme or to add a bold and contrasting focal point.

Opt for simple tiling

Simple tiled kitchen splashback

Whether your kitchen scheme is super colourful or more muted, you can’t go wrong with a simple splashback that makes use of traditional tiling. One of our favourite ways to tile a splashback is to opt for metro tiles, which are simple and elegant in their design, and for a classic look, we suggest you opt for white metro tiles. You can even consider wrapping them around the whole kitchen, instead of limiting them to the hob and sink areas, in order to achieve a practical solution to kitchen-mess, and an interesting contrast with your walls and cabinets.

Choose a feature tile

If you really want to make your splashback sing, there are some pretty special tiles out there that can help you achieve a unique, polished look. From hand painted Portuguese tiles, to beautiful shell-effect tiles that boast a pearlescent sheen, a feature tile can support both a colourful and maximalist design, and a modern, minimal approach.

How can Premier Crafts help?

Here at Premier Crafts, we believe that no element of your kitchen’s design should be an afterthought. With a handmade Premier Craft’s kitchen, every aspect – from cabinets and countertops to splashbacks and hardware – is carefully considered in order to create a space that feels truly special.

We offer a comprehensive service advising on each and every aspect of your kitchen, managing your project from start to finish. Our team of skilled designers and expert craftspeople are committed to helping you bring your dream kitchen to life, creating a unique, highly personalised design and implementing it to a superb standard. Put simply, our aim is to leave you with a kitchen that you’re genuinely excited to spend time in.

Looking to bring your dream kitchen to life? Contact us today to arrange your free consultation.

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Kitchen splashback ideas for every home

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