07th June 2022

How to Pick the Perfect Kitchen Colour Scheme

The kitchen is most often the central room in any home, providing a space to eat, socialise, relax and even work. But, what about the key to achieving a kitchen worthy of a feature in a top class interior design magazine? The perfect kitchen colour schemes, of course! 

It doesn’t matter how sleek your cabinetry is, or how snazzy your storage solutions are, if your colour scheme is lacking, your kitchen just won’t achieve the wow factor. However, if your palette is selected with a keen and thoughtful eye, your choice of colours can be the way that you turn your dream kitchen into a reality!

Of course, a colour scheme is not only defined by the colours you choose for major aspects of the design, such as walls, flooring and cabinets. Colour is key in all of the smaller details too, from large appliances such as fridges and ovens to small appliances such as kettles, all the way to window dressings, photo frames and plant pots! Colour truly is the make or break factor when it comes to creating a showstopping kitchen that is balanced and harmonious in its design. So, today we thought we would share a handful of our top tips for picking the perfect colour scheme for your beloved kitchen.

gold accents kitchen

The 3 basic types of colour scheme

When it comes down to it, we can categorise most kitchens into three basic colour scheme formats: tonal, harmonious and complementary. As far as kitchen interior design goes, these colour palettes come up time and time again and are an important starting point when you are beginning to consider colours for your kitchen makeover. 

Hugely popular in contemporary kitchens across the land, tonal colour schemes are a prolific choice today and are the first and most simplistic form of colour scheme.

To achieve a tonal colour scheme, you select an initial base colour and then pick variations of that colour to be used throughout the design of your room. Typically, a tonal colour scheme is often focused around several shades of white, which can either achieve a very classic and traditional look, or a considerably modern effect. The final outcome, of course, is impacted by what sort of materials and finishes you opt for.

Our second basic theme, harmonious colour schemes are organised around the selection of several colours that are close to one another on the colour wheel. 

In doing so, you create a space that is orientated around colours that compliment each other but are also distinct, which can create interesting visual variation. Your choice of colours will achieve different outcomes. For instance, white, green and brown is typical of a country farmhouse style, whereas a combination such as grey, white and blue is particularly bright and contemporary looking. 

Finally, for a bolder and more out-there approach, you may wish to consider opting for a complementary colour scheme. By complementary colours, we refer to those that enhance and emphasise one another.

Such colour schemes employ corresponding opposites in order to create a visually impactful aesthetic for the space. Unlike a harmonious colour scheme, the contrast is considerably stronger and more pronounced, although this can be implemented in different ways. For instance, pale units can be set off against dark, vivid walls. Another tactic is to create bursts of contrasting colour through your choice of appliances by opting for, say, a bold coloured fridge or perhaps a brightly coloured oven.

Shape, size and light count!

Whilst it’s true that any colour scheme can be readily applied to any given room, it’s critical to consider the impact of the shape and size of your room, as well as the availability of natural light when it comes to individual spaces.

Now, if your kitchen is small, narrow or has low ceilings, you need to be mindful of colour tone. Darker tones will result in the room feeling smaller and more confined than it is, whereas lighter tones will open the space up and create a feeling of greater expansiveness. This is, of course, particularly true if you have little natural light available. 

On the other side of the coin, large, spacious rooms may wish to employ darker colour tones at the base of the colour scheme in order to create a cosier and more homely feel.

blue and white kitchen

The impact of colour on mood

There may be some science behind the theory of colour schemes, but, however, it’s important to remember that rules are there to be broken. 

You’re free to mix different aspects of the basic colour schemes if you wish. This can, when done effectively, achieve an entirely unique and profoundly impactful aesthetic for your kitchen space. 

Underpinning every potential colour choice, however, is mood, which colour is intrinsically linked to by way of our almost subconscious responses to different palettes and schemes.

Keeping the notion of mood and colour in mind throughout your design process will stand you in good stead to achieve a kitchen that works visually and reflects your personality, too.

Ultimately, what matters is balance. Regardless of whether your space is small or large, bright or dark, you ought to carefully consider your use of both light and dark shades of colour, in order to achieve a harmonious feel that is congruent with the characteristics of the space. 

Working with a designer can be particularly useful when it comes to considering major influencing elements such as these. Here at Premier Crafts, our excellent designers have a huge wealth of knowledge regarding the clever and considered use of colour in rooms of all shapes and sizes and can advise on the perfect kitchen colour schemes.

For instance, if you’re looking to create a calming space that is restful and serene, neutral colours and pastel shades will work well in your favour to achieve a warm and inviting space. For a bolder and more energising impact, you might consider contrasting neutrals against more vibrant colours to create dynamism and interest in your aesthetics. For more of an urban, grittier look, you can play with darker colours and statement colours to create a greater feeling of intensity. 

Here at Premier Crafts, we design and build luxury, bespoke kitchens that reflect who you are and what you love most. If you’re looking to achieve a first-class finish in your kitchen, contact us today for a free consultation. 

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How to Pick the Perfect Kitchen Colour Scheme

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