15th January 2022

5 Design Tips for The Perfect Home Office

Well, like it or not, it seems as though home working may be sticking around for a little longer than we may have all initially expected.

In March 2020, intrepid office workers the world over ventured into previously unchartered territory, as Covid-19 put life-as-we-know-it firmly on hold. Many of us worked for weeks from corners of a cluttered dining table, and more of us than we would probably care to admit spent a great deal of time working from…well, our beds.

The global pandemic appears to have changed the nature and structure of office work for the long-term, however, with working from home seemingly set to linger for a little longer than many of us had previously thought. Whether another lockdown takes hold or not, a great deal of offices are now offering hybrid working, as many workers voiced their feelings that perhaps working one or two days per week from their homes would allow for a better work/life balance. It is also likely to be a model that is increasingly embraced for reasons relating to the climate crisis, as experts urge that a hybrid working model – which means fewer commuters packing out onto the roads five days a week –  would drastically cut cO2 emissions.

So, if it looks as though home working may be set to play a more consistent role in your life, it’s probably time to consider migrating away from the kitchen counter, which, let’s be honest, is strewn with hazards (yup, in your 8:55am haze you just unwittingly set your laptop down on top of the remnants of your five-year-olds breakfast cereal. It’s okay – we’ve likely all been there over the last 18 months).

Er, yes. Perhaps it’s time to set up a workspace that’s a little more conducive to, well, working! So, if your WFH scenario is feeling farcical, why not stick around for a little inspiration, as we share our top 5 design tips for the perfect home office. Because, let’s be honest, there’s a little more to it than simply buying a desk.

home office design in newcastle

1. Take a look at your home and consider where the potential lies

Of course, the ideal scenario would be that you have a whole room to work with, somewhere where you can close the door on the hustle and bustle of your home life. It is, after all, much easier to create a sense of separation between your work life and your home life if you’re able to shut the door and walk away from it all at 5pm.

If you can’t spare a whole room, take a look around your house and identify a space that is underused, somewhere that can be made comfortable and entails a degree of peace and quiet. Don’t be afraid to think creatively. After all, the pandemic has given rise to a whole host of quirky home work spaces, from sheds and garages to closets and attics.

2. Create a sense of separation

If you’re lacking a separate room to hole up in, don’t be discouraged.

A great solution to this conundrum is to consider partitioning off an area of a room that is already in use and claiming that area as your office space. In order to do this, you could make use of curtains, a screen or perhaps a room divider.

3. Prioritise what you need

The key to a great home working set up is functionality and practicality. So, have a think about what it is exactly that you really need in order to work well, and go from there.

If your work requires plenty of storage space for papers and files, figure some nifty storage solutions into your design. Or perhaps you need a particularly large surface to work on or even an ergonomic drawing board. Here at Premier Crafts, we specialise in clever storage hacks and bespoke furniture that is designed exactly to your needs.

4. Keep it inspiring

Just because your work space is, well, where you work, doesn’t mean it needs to be as bland as your work may oftentimes feel.

Whilst it’s a wise choice to keep it relatively minimal in order to optimize your focus, it’s great to invite in a little inspiration and perhaps some colour. By making your space one which is visually engaging, you’ll be better positioned to enjoy spending time working there.

Consider livening up the space with beautiful prints and patterns when it comes to upholstery, cushions, curtains and wallpapers. Even simple touches such as scented candles and a plant or two make all the difference.

man working in his home office

5. Consider a standing desk

Seeing as though you’re working from home, now is the ideal opportunity to design a workspace that is more conducive to your physical health than your typical office environment may be.

Sitting down for seven or eight hours at a time can be really very damaging to our bodies. Introducing a standing desk into your home workspace is a great way to keep both your body and your mind more positively engaged, as standing tends to be far more energizing and focusing than sitting. Here at Premier Crafts, we’re more than equipped to build bespoke desks that suit your requirements, and we’re certainly not afraid to think outside of the box.

So, are you feeling inspired to up your WFH game? At Premier Crafts we’re specialists in designing and handcrafting bespoke spaces that are tailored perfectly to your needs. So if you’re itching to get your ideal home office underway, why not get in touch today?

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5 Design Tips for The Perfect Home Office

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