31st May 2023

Unleashing creativity: how Pinterest empowers room design

Designing a room can be an exciting yet challenging endeavour.

From choosing a paint colour to finding furniture that fits your style, the process requires harmony between creativity and practicality. Thankfully, in the digital age we live in, interior inspiration is everywhere. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram and our personal favourite, Pinterest, are all brilliant tools for generating new ideas. Pinterest is particularly geared towards home decor and room design and here at Premier Crafts HQ we believe it’s a total game-changer for sparking inspiration, keeping your ideas organised and allowing bespoke builders like us to turn your vision into reality.

Design Room With Pinterest

In this feature ‘Unleashing Creativity: How Pinterest Empowers Room Design’ we’ll discuss why Pinterest is such a valuable resource, we’ll provide tips on how to curate the perfect Pinterest moodboard and we’ll run you through how a business like us uses it to inform our design decisions. 

Endless Inspiration at Your Fingertips

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest yet, get ready to commit to an undisclosed amount of scrolling once you do download the app (or start using the desktop version). Serving as the modern-day pinboard, this virtual tool is chocka with images, infographics and tutorials, providing inspiration in spades when it comes to designing rooms. 

Pinterest Kitchen Design

Based on your previous searches, and interactions with certain pins, Pinterest’s algorithm gradually gets to know you and your taste, in turn, pushing more and more of your content preferences to the forefront of your feed. 

From Scandinavian minimalism to industrial edge, Pinterest houses an abundance of boards dedicated to various interior design themes. By simply typing in relevant keywords, you can discover a range of pins that appeal to your vision.

Moodboard Visualisation

With Pinterest’s ‘create a board’ feature you can divide and store all your ideas across several moodboards, be it outfit choices or shaker style kitchens – pin or repost stuff that you like, identify how these items compliment or clash when sitting next to one another, and then enjoy the convenience of returning to view all your ideas at a later date. We love when a client arrives for their consultation and unveils a pinterest board brimming with inspiration. As designers it helps us to understand the brief and really get into the mindset of the customer.

Pinterest Room Design Wall colours

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Laying down significant groundwork for our design team, Pinterest serves as a springboard into the client’s imagination and here at Premier Crafts we’re of the opinion that the more detailed the moodboard, the more beautiful your bespoke bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom will turn out. A board with heaps of visual depth is advantageous – tones, textures, fabrics, accessories. Specific themes such as – Japandi kitchens, farmhouse cottages, mid-century modern. Once all of the client’s ideas are pieced together on a page, our designers can then begin to whittle down options and work out what materials cater to both the vibe and budget.

Pinterest Empowers Room Design

From spotting emerging trends, refining style preferences and discovering practical DIY tips and tricks, Pinterest empowers creativity and allows its users to turn their design goals into reality. If you’re thinking about renovating your home and you’re unsure where to start, be sure to immerse yourself in Pinterest’s infinite inspiration and then pay the Premier Crafts showroom a visit where all your ideas are sure to be personified with the help of our friendly team.

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Unleashing creativity: how Pinterest empowers room design

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