10th August 2023

Luxury bathroom trends: a glimpse into lavish living

Indulging in luxury and elegance is not limited to the realms of skincare routines and beauty treatments, while these may play an integral role in our mood, it’s time to consider how a fulfilling daily routine can be affected by our surroundings.

One such space that offers an unparalleled opportunity to inject opulence and comfort into our daily routines is the bathroom. For those who value excess and enjoy a carefully curated personal routine, a luxury bathroom can be a transformative addition to their lives.

Today, we are exploring three key elements that can turn your bathroom into an inviting oasis.

Dip your toe into the tranquillity with a free-standing bath 

For those seeking a spa-like experience at home, a free-standing bath is a must-have. 

These baths are the epitome of luxury and sophistication. It exudes a timeless elegance that effortlessly improves the space’s overall atmosphere – the seamless design makes it a focal point of any room and should be incorporated with that in mind.

Investing in a high-quality, meticulously crafted free-standing bath is essential to ensuring that you get enjoyment out of your renovation for as long as possible. This includes opting for durable materials like reinforced porcelain or composite stone that offer excellent insulation, meaning an extravagant, perfectly tempered bath can last even longer.

After a long, difficult day, a luxury bathroom can make you feel instantly rejuvenated as if you’ve been whisked away to a luxury spa.

Plush and practical storage solutions with a shower niche

While a free-standing bath steals the limelight, a well-designed shower niche effortlessly composes practicality and style. 

For the finer details of your daily routine, a shower niche is an excellent addition, offering a clutter-free shower display for your favourite products and enhancing your pamper session.

Shower niches come in a variety of sizes and designs to work for any kind of shower space. Choose from a variety of finishes, such as sleek marble or brushed metal, to complement your bathroom’s theme and personal tastes. Elevate your bathroom ambience even further with water-proof lighting, with cool and warm colour options. 

Transform your daily shower routine into a relaxing, comfortable experience, without compromising style.

For you and the one you love: a double vanity means lavish intimacy

Harmony in a shared space is essential for couples leading busy lives. A double vanity offers just that – a sense of balance and style that enhances the luxury of your bathroom.

A double vanity countertop offers countless features that can resonate with your personal taste while incorporating vital storage solutions. We recommend opting for features like soft-close drawers, integrated storage, and LED-lit mirrors to elevate the functionality and luxury of the space. 

Embrace the convenience and intimacy of a double vanity, and you’ll discover a new sense of harmony in your daily routine.

At Premier Crafts, we can add a little bit of luxury to your every day.

You deserve a luxury bathroom that encapsulates your love for elegance and high-quality living. By transforming your bathroom into a private sanctuary, your daily rituals will be enhanced. 

Indulging at home begins with working with a team that understands the essential nature of a luxury space, we have been creating bespoke, opulent spaces for over two decades and put our all into designing, fitting, and finishing luxury bathrooms to the highest of standards and with exceptional craftsmanship to ensure that you can enjoy your space for as long as possible.

Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve and get in touch with our team today to discuss your bathroom transformation.

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Luxury bathroom trends: a glimpse into lavish living

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