22nd December 2022

How to declutter your kitchen for 2023

Do your friends and family love buying you new kitchenware and appliances for Christmas? Perhaps you have put an air fryer on your wishlist. While mixers, bread makers, blenders, and sandwich toasters are great gifts and can go a long way in elevating your culinary skills in the kitchen, they also take up a lot of room. Maintaining a neat and tidy kitchen whilst also keeping your gadgets and appliances easily accessible can feel like an impossible task.

Thankfully, in this blog post, we have shared some top design tips on how to store your cookware, tools, and appliances so that your kitchen always looks sleek and streamlined.

Pull-out drawers

Ergonomic, deep sliding drawers that can take the weight of your hefty blenders, toasters and kettles can be ideal for hiding away your most chunky appliances whilst also providing accessibility whilst cooking. Sliding storage units and racks can help to eliminate the need to rummage through multiple kitchen items to find what you’re looking for. At Premier Crafts, we can also install built-in electrical outlets so that you don’t have to move the appliances onto your worktop when they are needed.

pull out kitchen drawers

Walk-in pantry

If you have a larger kitchen, a walk-in pantry can be the ideal space-saving solution for the multiple appliances that have been gifted to you over the years. If you don’t need to use your larger gadgets every time you cook, a walk-in pantry can be a great place to store them behind closed doors, keeping your kitchen counters clear. Whilst this is a pricier option,investing in a walk-in pantry can also increase the value of your home in the long run.

walk in pantry


Can’t live without your coffee machine? An alcove can create a designated space for your most used appliances so that they are within reaching distance whilst not taking up your precious worktop space. Alcoves give the impression that everything in your kitchen has its place and can help you appear more organised. At Premier Crafts, we are experts in creating alcoves that flow and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen.


Tailored cabinetry 

Tailored cabinetry is what we are known for. Unlike pre-fabricated cabinetry, custom-built cabinets can be designed based on your individual needs and the functionality that you require, without being limited by dimensions. By being able to choose the height and depth of your cabinets, we can build them with your individual kitchenware and appliances in mind. Lighting can also be installed within the cabinets so that what you need on a day-to-day basis is easily visible and accessible.

tailored cabinetry

Open shelves

Having your kitchen shelves on display works for some customers and not for others. If you are not super organised and can not commit to creating a permanent home for each of your appliances, your shelves might start to look messy. However, when properly styled and maintained, cohesive open shelving can wow your kitchen space. If you’re looking to showcase your culinary prowess and your most aesthetically-please kitchenware, then open shelving could be the way to go. It is important to be aware that this storage solution does require maintenance and regular dusting to keep your prized kitchen appliances looking their best.

open shelves

Whether you are looking for a full kitchen renovation or bespoke cabinetry to solve your storage woes, Premier Crafts can help. Contact us today. 

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How to declutter your kitchen for 2023

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