27th January 2022

5 reasons to choose a bespoke kitchen

Get  the  showroom standard you deserve with our fully customisable, bespoke kitchens. If you have been spending more hours than you would like to admit browsing kitchen threads in Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and making your dream mood boards, then it is probably time to take the plunge into the exciting, but often daunting process of designing and choosing a bespoke kitchen solution for your home.

A recent study by Belling revealed that on average, Brits spend three hours a day in the kitchen. It’s no surprise then, that many households are willing to save up and spend some extra cash on making the heart of the home as unique, comfortable and practical as possible.

What is a ‘bespoke’ kitchen?

If you’re new to the concept of bespoke kitchens, you might be wondering what the difference is between a Premier Crafts kitchen and an off-the-shelf, factory-built kitchen. The main difference is that a bespoke kitchen is made-to-measure and built around the individual’s needs, with a talented design consultant taking the time to tailor a kitchen to each unique customer’s lifestyle. Additionally, Premier Crafts kitchens combine quality craftsmanship with the highest-grade materials to ensure an outstanding finish that you won’t find in  your average home improvement store.

Here are five reasons you should consider a bespoke kitchen for your next renovation project:

bespoke kitchen in newcastle

1. The possibility of fully customisable dimensions

A great deal of homeowners are faced with kitchens whose walls may be somewhat wonky and uneven, and whose dimensions may be slightly off-kilter. Bespoke kitchens are perfect if you fall under this umbrella and are faced with an unusually sized space or a peculiar layout.

Aligning standard units that fit fluidly into your kitchen, which is unique to your home and your home alone, can be stressful for even the most experienced fitter. It would be unreasonable to expect that there could be any mass-produced fitted kitchen out there that could ever do true justice to the individual nature and requirements of your space. Standard sized units will always mean compromises need to be made, somewhere along the line.

By choosing to opt for a bespoke kitchen, you open your home up to the possibility of something which truly fits like a glove, and is completely coherent with the individuality of your living space.

2. Getting creative with storage solutions

Nifty storage solutions are, as well all know, key to a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and yet supremely functional, too.

By going bespoke, you can tap into the full storage potential of your kitchen space. From pantries to utility cubbies to waste disposal hacks, a bespoke kitchen that is designed with your needs and tastes in mind means that you can have as much or as little on show as you like. So, whether you’re a minimalist or an out-and-out maximalist, you’ll have full direction on your storage needs in a way that you simply would not by opting for a standard, mass-produced kitchen.

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3. Benefitting from knowledgeable designers and craftspeople

Here at Premier Crafts, we’re extremely proud of the incredible designers and craftspeople that we have on our roster. There’s not a team out there that could be more qualified or adept at helping you to secure the bespoke kitchen of your dreams. Let’s be honest, we’ve all spent our fair share of time day-dreaming about the possibility of a kitchen that really suited our full spectrum of needs and desires.

Working with knowledgeable and experienced designers and craftspeople will help you to achieve exactly that: a bespoke, highly personalised kitchen, that was truly crafted with you and your family in mind.

Our team can help you make well-informed choices and excellently execute them on your behalf, using only the highest quality of materials. You’ll have all of the information and advice that you could possibly need, which is an empowering feeling when it comes to the choices that we make with our beloved homes.

4. Bespoke lighting schemes tailored to your preferences

A fair few of us can likely admit to having wandered into a friend or family-members home and had, well, lighting envy, to put it squarely.

Good, well-considered lighting can truly complete a space, as well as ensuring its optimal functionality. No matter what your preferences and desires, going bespoke means that you’ll be able to have a hand in every aspect of your lighting.

The majority of us use our kitchens for far more than simply cooking meals. They can be hubs for a great many more activities, such as baking, socialising and simply relaxing, too. The multi-functional nature of our kitchens today make it essential that they have the appropriate lighting to suit a variety of needs.

Gone are the days of one central overhead lighting fixture, which does little to adequately diffuse light into each and every nook and cranny of your kitchen space. By going bespoke, you can really get creative with your lighting, and make full use of your space.

bespoke kitchen in the North East

5. The choice of integrated appliances

By going bespoke, you have the option to integrate appliances into your kitchen, which is an attractive idea for many of us, who favour a smooth and succinct space.

Opting for integrated appliances opens your kitchen up to a variety of benefits, from space saving solutions all the way through to sleek, minimal design possibilities. They are, certainly, particularly effective for kitchens that are blighted by both or either limited floor and surface space, and will help you to achieve a coherent, consistent look across the entirety of your design.

With a bespoke kitchen, the possibilities and potentialities of integrated appliances are fully opened up to you, with the choice to have as few or as many as you so desire.

6. Bringing it all together

By going bespoke, you open your kitchen up to the possibility of fulfilling its entire potential. Working with our team of dedicated designers and craftsmen will allow you to get every inch out of the space that you’re working with, no matter how impossibly small or oddly proportioned you may feel that it is. With Premier Crafts, there’s always a solution and a workaround to be uncovered, allowing you to achieve the kitchen of your dreams, to an excellent standard of quality.

So, what’re you waiting for? To find out more about our bespoke kitchen service, get in touch today.

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5 reasons to choose a bespoke kitchen

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Absolutely fantastic from start to finish! From our first visit to the showroom to the installation and completion of our new kitchen, the customer service we received was faultless. The quality and workmanship is another level. I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

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Quality designs and quality workmanship, attention to detail and friendly customer relations. No hesitation in recommending this company to anyone.

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We had our kitchen fitted and from the first visit to the showroom to the finish of job we have nothing but praise for this company. Jason did an excellent job of planning and the tradesmen were highly skilled and very polite. They answered all of our questions. We have no hesitation in recommending them.

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